The kind of progress

The kind of progress

If it is different according to cultures, the concept of progress tends to standardize following the globalization of capitalism. The emerging countries wish they could belong, one day, to the so-called advanced nations club. Apart from the people of poor countries, for whom progress is limited to access to the subsistence level or essential services, all others associate it with the acquisition of the best possible prosperity.

In developed states, individuals are educated, from an early age, to capitalism and to a form of progress compatible with it. This reality marginalizes that which does not bring palpable satisfactions.

In this system, social progress is achieved by the struggle. Human fulfilment is obviously trampled.

The Triunicie put human progress above that of material order. In fact, it considers society as a group of persons and not of things.

Through it, everyone has the opportunity to reach his own level of development. The mission of the education system is, therefore, to awaken the child to his innate gift. Thus, the youth is accompanied in this direction throughout his schooling.

The current acculturation to profit and superficial values tends to make the «triunite» ideal somewhat utopian and anti-modernist. Some may find that the social framework of the Triunicie is regressive, gloomy and devoid of interest. Shackled to their jobs and an unattractive life, how many individuals really benefit from the capitalist economic order? The freedom to rake in profits in abundance is not really one. This even creates a lot of injustice; in fact, the weaker and the less opportunistic must live under the yoke of the haves, the cunning or the hard-core upstarts. On the other hand, under the government of the Triunicie, everyone has the opportunity of realizing his ambitions. Destiny becomes therefore a concrete concept. People who are serene and confident in the future are more creative and productive than people who live in fear of precariousness, or even stressed by the requirement to get out as well as possible.

The Triunicie promotes responsible humanism. The important progress in all areas is focused on human and social needs. As regards those of a scientific or technological nature, they care about the human well-being, the living in general and the environment.