The Republic

Humankind live in a disordered world : conflicts over independence or access to democracy, wars over senseless causes, regimes of all kinds, apparent democracies, intolerances, injustices, a minority of the very rich and a majority of the poor, etc. a non-exhaustive list unfortunately. How many are really aware of the absurdity of this existing and similar to a huge jungle?

The persistence of hatred for millennia, the acculturation to aggression, the multiplication of violence in all places of this world tend to vote in favour of an inscription of animality in the human genome. But this animality, to which the human being generally subscribes, is in no way genetic. His archaic behaviors derive from the «old man» in him, that is, from the ancestral memory of humanity that psychoanalyst C.G. Jung called the collective unconscious.

The balance of this world is threatened as well as the future of humanity. Certainly, capitalism is gradually ruining the human and the planet. If a great awakening does not occur, the outcome of this system will be terrible and dramatic for many peoples.

A new world will not be realized as a result of a simple redevelopment or a quick fix of the existing one.

The Republic The Triunicie The absence of a real concept, or an irremovable foundation, prevents the Republic from always remaining the same to itself. It therefore supports different types of regimes: autocrat, democrat, presidential, oligarch, plutocratic or tyrannical. It cannot in fact impose respect for fundamental human rights. Freedom, equality, justice is a beautiful republican motto which is nowhere effective. Thus, republican values are devoid of any meaning.

By supporting the capitalist economy, the Republic has taken the path of ultra-materialism. It therefore houses a system which is deeply inequitable, individualistic and which extols financial ideal. It follows that it cannot defend the equity, solidarity or human flourishing.