So many regimes around the world do not respect essential ethical principles. They excel, however, in injustice, inhumanity and corruption.

States have the duty to agree upon a common morality based on the elementary rules of humanity. Thus ethics should not be limited to national policies, but should extend to all countries through a global institution.

Progress is selfish and dangerous when it is not part of an ethical perspective. At a scientific, technological and economic levels, ethics is therefore crucial.

Ethics cannot really exist through the law. It becomes efficient with spiritual progresses of human beings. Therefore, the societal model has to promote spiritual values.

As man is the raison d’être of the Triunicie, every political measure decided by a « triunity » government (that is of the Triunicie) is ethically assessed. Thus, it becomes strictly in accordance with human rights. The role of the Spiricience is to ensure that an irreproachable morality is met. Being the variations of the «triunitary principle», which is the foundation of an efficient ethic, a series of counter-powers at the national and regional levels prevent abuses.

The ethics of the economy is realized following the change of the system and in which a capitalist ideology destructive of the human no longer exists. The realization of the primacy of man over the economy makes this ethics fully effective. Among all the forms that the latter must take, there is the one regarding the respect lato sensu which is important for the Triunicie. In the « triunite » model, the dynamism of the economy is no longer evaluated by capitalist criteria and the profit maximization no longer takes place. Individuals are no longer forced to overconsume unnecessary goods. Meeting useful needs does not, however, mean a centralised production planning and an economy of scarcity.

This new policy has a beneficial impact on the environment. Respectful of the resources of the planet and of the quality of life of present and future humanity, the Triunicie works to encourage the development of individual responsibility. It is essential to an effective ethics in these fields.

The Triunicie resets these values that modernism has made fall into disuse and, mainly, the morality or respect for others and the property of the community. Thanks to Spiricience which induces a new state of mind and puts the foundations of ethics at the centre of society.