The Triunicie

The Triunicie is the model of a new era, enabling the global transition to a universal model in which States would not be deprived of their sovereignty. Political and economic universality is quite achievable and in accordance with the cultures.

In reality, there is not an opposition between the Triunicie and the Republic. The Triunicie perfects the latter with an irremovable concept and high principles that no leader can hijack or challenge.

The globalism of the Triunicie is due to the concept behind it – namely the « triunitary principle » – by which nations are bound by the same form of governance. The obligation of the governments to comply with the same principles is a huge step forward in democratic terms.

It allows the existence of nation where there is order, ethic and a big responsibility from institutions and citizens. Within a stable, peaceful and brotherly society, individuals feel full-fledged human beings and considered as such.

The Triunicie advent would bring a major transformation of the world and of inter-state relations. Human beings would no longer continue to praise these devils which make them regress in their humanity. They would not become perfect, but much more evolved.