The vagueness of republican values weakens the democratic idea.

No country has established a true democracy, that is to say, a full democracy. Older democracies of the West also have to make a considerable effort before becoming exemplary.

Prosperity is nowadays asserted as a value and a right. However, the right to prosperity for all is nonsense, since individuals do not possess the same provisions by which they could reach this one. Indeed, thereis heterogeneity at the intellectual and contextual levels. Moreover, while justice and freedom go hand in hand, freedom and prosperity do not always imply the existence of a fair society.

The current economic system prevents individual development and impoverishes fundamental rights, such as justice and equality.

A functioning democracy looks like a chimerical challenge. Without a universally applicable socio-political framework, the democratic idea will remain a philosophy and not a system with precise and incorruptible rules.

The Triunicie promotes a society in which it is no longer necessary to fight for justice, equity, ethics, dignity, security or even peace.

It certainly innovates by giving a meaning and authenticity to democracy. It combines the fundamental principle of this one, namely the sovereignty and legitimacy of the people, with an ethical representation. So representative democracy has now real meaning.

Thanks to Spiricience, an efficient ethic exists in the institutions and in all sectors of civil society; because the « triunitary principle » (that is the principle of the Triunicie) can be declined at all levels and even at the regional level. Thus the greatness of the State regains its full meaning. Built on a solid institutional foundation, not on a man’s political convictions, it no longer fluctuates according to the ideals of each other.