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The model of a true new era

In 1990, God instilled my spirit of a great concept that gave birth to the universal model that I expose in this website. So it didn’t come to me as a result of a reflection on the existing system and with the aim to differentiate myself with an original idea.

But why did God wait thirty years to order me to act?

Because the earthly is governed by the Divine Order and then by a sublime universal law. So nothing happens there by chance. The time has come to mutate for this world.

The Triunicie is the universal model which will accompany this mutation.

Missionné François

What is the Triunicie?

A unique concept

The name on the basis of the Triunicie is « triunitary principle ». It is composed of following three poles: the Sociorealization, the Science and the Spiricience. Why these three poles? Because they preside over all human activities. In addition, their interaction balances the forces and prevent excesses or the drift of the system.

This concept institutes a new relationship between the State and the citizens, but also between the citizens themselves.

What is the role of each of the pole?

The Sociorealization

The Sociorealization concerns the socio-political-economic framework

The Science

The Science involves all scientific and technical fields at the service of man, of the living in general and of the environment. The science is the area where moral appear to be crucial

The Spiricience

The Spiricience ensures that ethic is respected at every level. It is also an essential pole