Triunicie and Republic

The « triunite » principle gives the Triunicie a universal character. Certainly, this one cannot avail itself of this high principle. So Triunicie represents the transition towards a more advanced model. If all people were to adopt it, States would be forced to apply the same principles. It would not deprive them of their respective identities, given the Triunicie is in no way a single thought.

The lack of a real concept prevents Republic to remain unchanging. Thus, it endorses various kind of regimes : autocratic, demoratic, presidential, oligarch, plutocrat or tyrannical. Therefore, it cannot impose respect for fundamental rights. Consequently, the claim of republican values does not make sense. Certainly these ones are based on those that democracy advocates. However, in this world no country is a fully democracy. Especially as a dictatorial power can ruin it.

The Triunicie does not limit itself to set out rights. Through the Spiricience – an important pole of its foundation – , institutions are forced to comply with an efficient ethic. As explained in the chapter about this one, it has not a primacy over the other two. However, it can point out potential excesses in this area, then act through opposition forces and in the first place via the institution being at the head of the « triunite » State (that is of the Triunicie). This extreme situation is highly unlikely, given the commitment to human and spiritual values from elected representatives of a « triunite » government.

The Republic claims to be the custodian of inalienable rights towards all citizens. In practice, that is not the case. Even in the best democracies, respect for democratic principles is flawed. Since an irremovable foundation is lacking and able to impose strict principles, rulers of most of Republican states govern according to their personal convictions. They even show a regrettable incomptence. Certainly, there is a seeming political pluralism and not fully effective everywhere. Good intentions are inevitably corrupted in a system where the money prevails. The general interest is thus neglected. This one is linked to the people's sovereignty and respect for citizen's rights and finally justice. Freedom, equality, justice : a motto often declared, but never really operative. In countries which claim to be republican, freedom is never full and often misleading and even absent. Equality is similarly an empty ideal. This one start to school which is the key to an adult successful life. There are great disparities across countries at this level. This leads a gap between the social classes. Concerning justice, it does not exist anywhere because of the existing economic system. Respect for others, tolerance, solidarity, except for the rights already mentioned, are essential for a real social advancement. This cannot happen in a model which enables the existence of an environment of dominant/dominated, exploiters/exploited, excellent/mediocre, victors/vanquished, strong/weak.

The Triunicie is not fundamentally an anti-materialistic model. It promotes an healthy and different view of material. Because it sets out the economic framework capable of preventing him to become a life goal. According to the Triunicie, each must have only the material necessary for his/her well-being. That is a barrier to the possession of an indecent financial wealth. There are no very wealthy and very poor people, but individuals who occupy their rightful place in society. The Spiricience is ensuring that nobody is penalised by ther conditions of his/her birth or his/her lower intellectual abilities. Dignity, freedom, equality and justice are essential rights for the Triunicie. It therefore endeavoured to allow a full enjoyment to everyone.

The Republic went the ultra-materialist way by backing the capitalist economy. It cannot uphold equity, solidarity and human development if it houses a system profoundly unfair, individualist and which extols the virtues of financial ideal. Ethic of money gets the drop on ethic of brotherhood or on compassion. So human beings do not feel inclined to express the part of themselves, that is finally their authentic nature.

Man stagnates if he is turned from God. The republican and secular spirit leads him towards the wrong way. So he thinks is right to depend on his own. Thus, human value becomes tangential. This makes him dependent on economic calculations.

There is human fulfillment in the ideals of the Triunicie. According to it, politic, economic development and social progress have no interest if the latter is relegated. It does not end with a philosophical intention, but achieve its ideal through an economic model built around the man. This infatuation can seem unrealistic, given economical systems were focused from time immemorial on exploitation or moral offences of individuals. The Triunicie leads up the world into a new era. It has a high view of politics, of economy and of the State. By offering human beings the opportunity of living a different kind of life, it allows the existence of the humanist ideal. Now these ones are sure that their confidence will not be abused by cunning politicians greedy for power. This change prohibits obviously any backsliding. But people having taken this step does not want to see a right regression.