Triunicie and progress

The global capitalism tends to standardize the progress, even if this one differs across cultures. The emerging nations have the ambition to be a member one day of so-called developed nations group. Except people of poor countries for whom progress boils down to access to the subsistence minimum and essential services, all other associate it with the acquisition of the best enhanced prosperity. In developed states, individuals learn very young the virtues of capitalism and the form of progress consistent with this one. This reality crowds out all does not provide tangible satisfaction.

The Triunicie puts human progress above that of material nature. Because it sees society as a body of people and not as things. According to it, there is nothing rarer and more admirable down here than man. His life adds value to these beauties of Nature that he has, however, a duty to protect. His subordination to economic imperatives has been committed by vain and having a small mind persons. The disapppearance of houses of cards, that they have built, and of the financial fiction, that they have staged, would not kill humankind. Thus, the Triunicie declares this existing obsolete.

The « triunite » model allows everyone to achieve his own development level. It installs thus a school system which arouses the child at his innate gift level. The latter is helped in this way throughout education. It becomes a natural process that he will go on if he only came to find out secondary abilities. They are often useful for refocusing then on the main. I believe that every individual is born with a natural gift, small or big, ordinary or extraodinary, whereby he can find his real life. In addition, the pursuit of our own progress is not an individualistic attitude. Social progress finally corresponds to the sum of individual achievements especially as the Triunicie discourages selfish ans socially unproductive goals.

Acculturation to profit and to superficial values tends to make « triunite » ideal somewhat utopian and anti-modernist. Some will probably thinks that the Triunicie proposes a regressive, gloomy and meaningless social backbone. Chained to their employment and to a boring life, how many individuals take advantge of the capitalist economic order ? The freedom of raking abundance of profits is not really a freedom. It even creates a lot of injustice. Because the weakest and less opportunists must accept the dominance of the affluent, of inveterate upstarts. Under the government of the Triunicie, each has the opportunity to fulfil his aspiration. De facto fate becomes a realistic notion. When people are serene and confident about the future, they are more creative and productive than people who live in precarious conditions or are stressed by a difficult life.

Economic prosperity does not always lead happiness at human level. Both differ even most of the time. Many individuals undertake to a standard of living to support their family. The present system exacerbates the tendencies of the ego and causes a reflex of dependency. People end up seeing such subservience as a progress. Values and high principles are distorted by modernism. The Triunicie does not lead the citizens down that hypocritical conditioning path for economic purposes. Its respect for human being goes hand in hand with a policy of responsible progress.

The pole of the " Spiricience " encourages expression of an authentic spirituality and, through it, that of human progress.