Triunicie and ethics

Man is the epicenter of the model promoted by the Triunicie. Thus, a « triunite » government sifted through ethics every political measure in order that it is in compliance with human rights. As for Spiricience, its rôle is to ensure that morality is fully respected. Declining of the « triunitary principle », which is the base of an effective ethics, a set of opposition forces at national and regional levels prevents a drift.

The ethic of popular demands acts through debating chambers settled in cities. The monthly summary is analyzed by the regional and national competent authorities. Segmental and sectoral chambers serve to allow exchange by sectors of activity. This avoids demonstrations and strikes and even brings solutions upstream. Under the Triunicie, there should be no more confrontations between people and the State, since the interest of the citizen goes hand in hand with general interest. Both fit into a context of social harmony for a mature democracy.

Ethic of economy comes true thanks to the system change and in which the capitalist ideology does not prevail anymore. In fact, capitalism is destroying the human being. This ethics is fully efficient following the primacy of man over economy. In the « triunite » model (that is the model of the Triunicie), capitalist criteria and profit maximization no longer prevail. Individuals are no longer pushed to consume unnecessary goods. However, meeting the useful needs does not mean a central planning of production as Marxism and its derivatives advocates, but rationalization established on an innovative base. Further, this does not lead to economy of scarcity. In contrast, this new policy has a beneficial effect on environment. The Triunicie is working to allow the development of individual responsibility, given it is respectful of the planet's ressources and the quality of life for present and future humankind. It is indeed essential for an operational ethic in these areas.

Human beings feel deep down inside the need to exchange, to share, to give each other. What is lacking in someone, someone else owns it necessarily. Because there is no lack within the divine order. No human genius would not have managed to provide the great interaction in conceptual, practical and spiritual aspects between individuals. While capitalism prompts to further the attitude of every man for himself, a self-enrichment or a selfish happiness, the « triunite » economy (that is economy of the Triunicie) fosters the collective and fraternal spirit. It must be noted that this has a more positive impact on business of the nation. Happy and serene people are indeed more confident, creative and productive. Ethic of conviviality produces a beautiful vitality.

The Triunicie resets all these values that modernism made become obsolete and, mainly, morality or respect for others and for common goods. Thanks to the Spiricience which promotes a new mindset and puts the ethical foundation at the center of society. A social framework tends to be built in West, on the pretext of a modernist evolution, that few people see as a real threat. The new values take root which go against the natural order. These social abberrations do not make human grow. The Triunicie calls people for remaining vigilant and showing a sense of duty in order not to leave the devil to rule the world. I would mention that ethic of the ego as soon as commitment to the values with a personal approach are fruitless. Community constraint and conviviality require respecting the moral rules set by society. Certainly, the combination of the ethic of responsability and of the ethic of brotherhood leads a humanization of the legislature.

Everyone can be fully actor of society thanks to his intellectual potential. The intelligent association of abilities or individual talents allows all people to take part in the common good. Which results in the development of an harmonious social progress. « Triunite » institutions takes care firmly of the existence of that balance. So human and spiritual combine, as it is a necessity for the advent of a peaceful society and a mature democracy. Human being will not grow spiritually only through a long work on himself. He is still in a stage that could be termed primitive at this level. He must combat the archaic man that hides deep in his subconscious and more generally deep in the ancetral memory of humankind. This one pushed him to violence, barbarism and to act under the influence of animal instincts. The spiritual development is a personal work that everyone has to make with a social approach. This is in no way the search for enlightment, but for a simple human improvement. Sainthood and purity are out of reach for many souls. As for the perfecting of our own humanity, which is not perfection, it requires an ongoing and objective self-crticism. Thus, we succeed in making the bad feelings ineffective. There is here a moral manner which should become a law for everyone.