Triunicie and ecology

The preservation of the earth is the issue of the 21st century. Without awareness of constraints about the latter, the planet will still degrade, then it will become an unhealthy space where humankind will live under the worst conditions. It probably will not able to survive there.

By realizing this perspective to which the earth is condemned, following a series of factors, clear-headed people will be commited to a real change of this system. Because the present one is responsible for this ecological disaster.

A certain number of states have incorporated in their Constitutions the right to a healthy environment. This commitment has only a theorical value since developed countries, and more the emerging ones, continue to destroy the ecology and to give priority to their economic interests.

Ecological imperative requires an adaptation of economic principles. We are obliged to say that capitalism is in no way consistent with a responsible management of natural ressources and a long-term vision. The right to a healthy environment for all the world's citizens calls for setting up a human, an ethical, a solidarity economy. It forces rich countries to consider interests of the less well-off instead of safeguarding theirs. This attitude would promote a more brotherly frame of mind in this world and would help to make it more harmonious and fairer.

The earth is the common heritage of humankind. In fundamental human rights, the Triunicie includes the one related to a balanced environment. The good health of all depends on it. Thus, it undertakes important changes in order to avoid the depletion of the planet's ressources, environment degradation, and ultimately, the survival of mankind. The challenges are great, because of the present state of biosphere, of hydrosphere, of atmosphere, of responsible use of resources and of the alteration in the ozone layer.

The Triunicie makes an undeniable change. It promotes indeed a model which does not perpetuate present aberrations anymore. The States attribute responsability to one another today for this deteriorated situation. It creates tension at climate negotiations level. Therefore, emerging countries feel that developed countries emit a large amount of CO2 and then they have a greater responsability for this alteration. The Triunicie imposes a common framework which certainly makes this dispute stop, since the interests of States disappear. The universality of the model thus allows major polluters countries to work together for cleaning up the planet.

Demographers hypothesize that the earth will have at least a global population of 10 billion in 2100. Except for food, the world may miss water and energy. Therefore, the present economic model will probably prove to be inappropriate./p>

Capitalism breeds poverty while destroying the planet. Humankind must urgently question this system. Productivism and the race for economic growth are anachronisms if we analyze them alongside degradation they cause.

The economic model of the Triunicie is following a path where these criteria have no longer the primacy. Focused on human value, it does not advocate the need for super profits, for an ever-increasing economic growth, for an inescapable profitability. Because of these financial constraints, human is sacrificed and ecology is killled.

From this new system stemms from an industrial change which allows a drastic decrease in CO2 emissions, a pre-industrial revolution level, namely around 280 parts per million. This solves consequently the problem of acidification of the oceans. The Triunicie makes here excellence in the interplay of the « triunitary » principle (Sociorealization, Science, Spiricience). The Spiricience forces indeed to comply with ethics at all levels of the global environment. As for Science, it acts with responsability and transparency in this area since it has an essential position in it. The Sociorealization establishes, for its part, the economic novation. It is imperative for the change particularly at industrial level. Thus, the State has to respect the high principles of this tripolarity.

Advances degradation of ecosystems calls into question the future of humanity. One thousand of scientists originating in ninety-five countries have made a statement as part of the United Nations study. The problem will undoubtedly get worse under the influence of climate warming.

The Triunicie is the model able to prevent this global human disaster that so many experts are predicting.