The spiritual responsability

When he is turned from God, man is regressing at the spiritual level as soon as in his humanity. So many people are limiting God to a religious faith. Certainly, this world is divided between believers, nonbelievers and agnostics. Human being has absolutely to come to a real God's understanding, that is to see him as self-evident. This step is necesssary for the evolution of mankind and of the world as well.

Thus, God calls man to grow up spiritually.

The erosion of values and, finally, the lack of spirituality shape minds. The spiritual I refer relates to the genuine dimension of everyone and not the belief in a specific dogma. Human being is twofold, namely he has a physical body and a spiritual body that we usually call soul. The soul inspires high values and, thus, the desire to respect for others, to behave ethically, to fraternize … to love in final. God created human being with the Word of Love. What is love, actually ? It is not a simple feeling, but a vibe, a subtle and sublime essence which allows human being to be alive. Love contains a Light, an Intelligence. But that seems to go against most people's understanding.

Human being has to learn to draw on the wisdom of Love which is the sure path to go towards a beautiful universality. He cannot accomplish this if he is not accompagnied by a model having high values. I would mention that the evolution of man is not technological or material, but spiritual.

The Triunicie promotes a real social progress which goes with respect for others, tolerance, solidarity, responsability and order. A peaceful and brotherly society only exists if individuals are considered as full human being.

Thus, the Triunicie gives priority to human progress rather than material progress. In this way, everyone reaches his own level of progress within the « triunite » model (that is of the Triunicie). However, the social progress is only effective if the various talents have the opportunity to express themselves.

Thanks to the Triunicie, human fulfillment is no longer an ideal, but a reality. It sets up indeed an economic model devised for mankind.