How did the Triunicie come to be ?

The foundation of the Triunicie popped into my thought during a prayer in the bosom of God's light. It was a morning in 1990. In another book, I explain the spirit walk that I have been doing for many years without knowing it. So that did not occure to me after a reflection about the present system with the intent to distinguish of this one via a unique idea.

Consequently, the Triunicie, and the principle which bases it, have a beautiful height and depth. Thanks to it, the man would live in a world greatly better. He lacks wisdom when he leaves it up to his human understanding. If he learned to resort to God's wisdom on every occasions, he would benefit from a beautiful inspiration and his concepts, his axioms, his ideas would make progress.Therefore, he would evolve humanely. This would not deprive him of his free will and would not make him either less intelligent.

Thanks to the Triunicie, humanity would build a human world. Obviously, the advent of this one requires a revolution in the attitudes. Many will find that my point is utopian or even that I am an original. I invite them to analyze objectively the present model, more or less globalized, and not to spurn the God of Love. The Latter wishes only their good. The Triunicie proves this via the sublime development which it allows.

I said that God inspired it to me. That does not make it a theocratic theory.

In any case, it deserves consideration of peoples, seen the state in which this world is. I am not looking to pushing myself forward, but accomplishing the mission that God revealed to me in several prayers. You will think probably that my speech on the Triunicie is out of time or that my faith in God keeps me away from the reality of the world. On the contrary, this one allows me to get away and to analyze more wisely this world.

Certainly, humanity is not aware of threats which endanger its life. Moreover, the existing economic system favours only a minority and most people must try to survive. Excesses at the democratic level also prevent number of human beings accessing to inalienable rights. The lack of ethics in the fields of political, economic, scientific, technological, in particular, represents a barrier to human progress.

Thanks to its foundation, the Triunicie turns towards human advancement. So it leads the man to rise and to build a fully human world.

Let us open the debate on the state of this world and let us think, through the Triunicie, about how to change it.