Generation of the Triunicie

The generation of the Triunicie is the one of a different world. What is a different world ? A human and brotherly world, that is which gives the primacy to man and not to this system where finance prevails. If man does not overcome his vanity, humanity will go to an inexorable decline.

Is this vision of a new world utopian and sterile ? Utopias have always been the precursors of great advances.

It is a fact that major changes, especially on a societal level, are firstly seen as unrealistic idealism until a majority of people looks at them differently. Humanity has to make whichever one I mention here if it wants to move up the top of its full humanity.

The generation of the Triunicie is the one that will allow the establishment of a unique model ; because it is universal.

I call young people of France and elsewhere for building a different world.

Youngs of a continent full of history and of a beautiful diversity, of the lands that hundreds and hundreds populations trod during the past millennia, God asks you, through my humble self, to involve you in this great work. Take this renewal to heart and make of it your ideal ! Certainly, we are talking about a change which will take time. You will be the precursors, then the generations after you will continue your work.

Obviously, God does not call you for claiming the advent of a better world through violent demonstrations, but through the peaceful construction of a solid edifice. He asks you to show high-mindedness and commitment. Therefore, you will become a respected generation and admired by your elders. Your children will follow your lead and will desire then pass it on to theirs. Other peoples will follow. Thus, humanity will have made a major step.

Are you demotivated because of intransigence and inhumanity of this world in which you live ? Admittedly, you are having trouble finding your place within it. You are also anguished when you hear the lamentations of your parents and other relatives or even you understand the inability of politicians to promote a human development society. God gives you the opportunity to be a protagonist in a unique change through me.

Imagine a world in which human rights are efficient everywhere. We do not have to deplore these inequalities from which people of East, India, China, South-East Asia, Africa and elsewhere are victims. Child exploitation, organ trafficking, prostitution of minors, violence on women and children, terrorism and other atrocities are henceforth banished.

Imagine a world where the economic model has primacy over man. There is not people having a cheeky richness on one side and individuals living in extreme poverty on the other. New economic base eliminates these notions of wealthy and poor for ever. Thus, there is nothing to take the money to the haves so as to distribute it within disadvantaged people. Each person takes his rightful place within it thanks to his natural gift and his competence. Moreover, the planet is no longer subject to fragmentation between very or middle-level developed countries, emerging nations and third-world countries. Solidarity among those with an important economic potential and the less well-off ones in this area leads for peoples living conditions that are much better than today.

Imagine a world in which a beautiful ethics prevails. Bribery and shenanigans of every kind disappear. Mafia trafic as well as illicit trade are of no interest to anyone. As for science, it is really dedicated to human being and medicine is not warped by profit any more. Thus, people does not have to fear any more to be cheated on or subject to bad intentions. Certainly, the ethics of human installs a productive climate of confidence.

Imagine a weapons-free world. There would be a full and lasting peace. This evolution requires to overcome archaic feelings thanks to a culture of Divine Love. Following spiritual awareness, man will greatly advance. He would no longer feel the need to do battle with his brother or to eliminate him or even to lapse into xenophobia or racism. Do you find that all of this is too idealistic and that humankind will never come to build such a world ? Surely not by itself. As I mentioned in another article, the Triunicie is the model able to guide mankind on the road to a big change … the bigger of its history. Would you not be proud to be the generation that has successfully met this challenge and carried it out ? Be the youth of a unique renewal in the West and in the world. Be the generation of the Triunicie!