Existing ethics

So many regimes in the world do not respect the core ethical principles. They excel in injustice, inhumanity and corruption.

States have duties to establish a common moral having the basic human rules. Ethic should not be limited to national policies, but be extended to all countries through a global institution.

Progress is selfish and dangerous when it is not part of an ethical perspective. Ethics is therefore crucial at scintific, technological and economic level. Naturally, it needs to be extended to all other sectors of civil society.

A genuine ethics cannot exist only by law. It will become really effective as and when human beings have changed spiritually. This is possible only if the model promotes spiritual values.

In addition, it is to be regretted that science depends on finance. Science is, indeed, dominated by economy and financial system today. It despises ethics in sensitive areas and violates the laws of nature. It plays the sorcerer's apprentice when they influences the natural order and do not care about potential imbalances of their discoveries in the long term.

Science is an area in which the moral rules are crucial. They are vital to the existence of a science that is respectful of man, of the animal and of the environment.

Science and spirituality were mixed, once. Because discoveries stemmed from inspiration and empiricism. There is a gap between science and spirituality today. This disregard for spirituality prevents the emergence of a science less subject to materialism.