The triunite economy

The humanist economy replaces the capitalist economy in the triunite model (that is of the Triunicie).

It gives primacy to man instead of capital, resulting in the abandonment of market economy. This supremacy of man on economy makes society more creative, more united and more harmonious.

The economic model of the Triunicie is fair and reasonable. It advocates fair trade, collective and sharing spirit, solidarity. It satisfies the needs while respecting the environment thanks to a responsible management of the world's resources.

Production efficiency, profitability, competitiveness are not purposes, but instruments which have to respect human ethics. Awareness of the real needs will result in useful progress. We cannot generate a shortage economy by substituting productivism with a commensurate with the needs production.

Let us be clear : a globalized economy only benefits a minority. Majority would therefore be well advised to live in the framework of humanist economy that the Triunicie advocates. Admittedly, economy means something when it is devoted to human being rather than the system.

The Triunicie establishes a new state of mind, given the « triunite » economic philosophy is not part of an ultraliberal approach. Thus profit has no longer a power over the human.

Economic expansion in an ultraliberal context is not a vehicle for human fulfillment. This one is necessarily relegated within a materialist framework where finance reigns. Individuals do not really flourish in a system where money, the quest for maximum profit, the persuit of enrichment prevail. Those who subscribe to this way of life are not aware to access to a superficial well-being.

It is appropriate to reverse the balance of power if we want that economy is at the service of man. Humanist economy must replace the capitalist economy. The first one gives priority to man and the second one to the capital. Therefore, it is important to make the industrial and technological logic dependent on the humanist logic. What does mean this need ? Human needs instead of a capitalist or financial approach have to be a condition for a technological and an industrial development. This change will not penalise creativity. On the contrary, this one will be better since it will be adapted to man. The establishment of a technological and an industrial ethics, thanks to the Spiricience, will allow to move towards a greater ecological responsability. The frenzied race for the new, for state-of-the-art technology, to which the marketers encourage, serve neither man nor the planet. An hyper technicality in this world, because of supply side economics, deserves our reflection. In addition, a lack of knowledge on some technologies make them dangerous to humans. Certainly, die-hard modernism leads to aberrations. In the light of real needs, we realize that some progress do not contribute to a true evolution. A human-centred economy requires obviously a commitment of the wealthiest states in this direction, namely the abandonment of market economy as it stands and the adoption of the humanist economy in which there are fair trade as soon as a state of mind dominated by the collective and sharing. Some might see that as a beautiful utopia. However, many utopias have been at the root of significant changes. Thus such a metamorphosis is calling for a great political courage. That is the price of an authentic human progress. Thanks to the primacy of man over economy, society becomes more harmonious, more united and more creative.

To compensate for imbalances affecting poor countries today, we have to move towards a culture of sharing. This also corrects inequality prevailing anywhere in the world. All human beings have therefore basic commodities. The wealthy do not wallow in obscene luxury while the have-nots have to beg rescue association to give food. The triunite economic system is fair and reasonable as individuals' needs and aspirations are fitted better while making a responsible management of the world's ressources. An healthy and balanced environment has a beneficial impact on man. That contributes to his well-being and consequently to respect for his dignity.

The Triunicie stops social evils as unemployment and precariousness. It also allows the demise of vices stemming from an immoral capitalist system. Responsability, ethic and order for the common good represent important principles and everyone is encouraged to comply with them. Moreover, the Spiricience is ensuring the establishment of the framework able to promote them.

The Triunicie emphasizes human development since it allows a manifestation of innate gifts. Being the authentic richness of everyone, individual potential are the real country's economic performance. Every human being has the right to education, healthcare, employment and decent housing. It is a question of life and dignity. In order that society is secure, peaceful and brotherly, it is important that individuals are treated as whole human beings and not like things.