The triunite democracy

Democracy gives a content to the Republic. Today, we can only regret the poverty of the democratic idea because of the vagueness of values that Republic advocates.

It is important to specify that faith in God changes the relationship between individuals. It greatly improves democracy. This leads indeed to discard the base instincts, the animal nature and to develop the Love. The Triunicie promotes a society where there is no longer a need to struggle for justice, equity, ethics or peace.

The Triunicie innovates by giving meaning and authenticity to democracy. It combines the fondamental principle of this one, that is the sovereignty and the legitimacy of the people, with a mode of ethical representation. Representative democracy has now substantive meaning.

Thanks to its foundation, triunite governance (that is governance of the Triunicie) brings a change of relationships between the State and citizens. The Spiricience, one of the three poles of the « triunitary principle », allows the existence of an effective ethics within institutions and all areas of civil society. Because the « triunitary principle » exists at every level and even to that of regions. Certainly, well-established ethics of this model leads to a real change. Given that it is built on a solid institutional basis, and not on man's political beliefs, the greatness of the State is full again. So it no longer fluctuates according to each other's ideals.

Welfare has become a value and a right. Yet the right to a prosperity for all is absurd. Because the ability of individuals are not identical. Consequently, there are disparities at intellectual and contextual levels.

On the other hand, if justice and freedeom go together, freedom and prosperity do not involve the existence of a fair society.

The present economic system in the world prevents personal growth. This concept thus becomes idealistic and utopian. Because the capitalist model places economic interests above human. This reality impoverishes fondamental rights like justice and equality.

Politicians in general delight particularly in hypocrisy, falsehood, shenanigans, egoism, self-centredness, elitism and venality.

Thus, it can be argued that no country has set a true democracy. The old democracies have to make, indeed, a major effort before becoming an exemple.

The democratic idea will remain a philosophy and not a system with clear-cut and incorruptible rules without a universally applicable political framework. Such a frame would lead to the existence of a model significantly different from the current.

In addition, a full democracy is like a chimeric challenge. Despite good intentions, the old democracies is suffering from deficicts in this field. France is usually presented as the country of human rights and Denmark as a mature democracy. No democracy is perfect, given perfection is not of this world. By establishing restrictive measures or by methods which are source of inequality and legitimizes some type of violence, the best ones, and even more the others, are not aware of flouting justice. The capitalist system penalizes undoubtedly the expression of human rights. Its followers say that it is vehicle of freedom and equality while it limits in fact the use of freedom since a minority can get rich. The most democratic governments have only managed to establish a minimum of justice within this deeply unfair model. Liberalism seeks the well-being of humanity in theory. It turns out destructive in human terms in practice. Ultraliberalism establishes a climate of oppression which is hardly conducive to individual and collective development. It promotes a kind of slavery, since the dominant exploit people with low or no qualifications for a pittance. On the other hand, large companies and multinationals reap huge profits and their shareholders receive great dividend. An economic injustice which nobody does not view henceforth as a form of inhumanity. Yet they are obsolete processes and unworthy of countries which call themselves Democrats. The situation is worst obviously in those ruled by a tyrannical regime or little worried about human values. Men, women, children are disregarded there, forced to do hard labour and, finally, prevented from reaching a dignified and happy life.

Thanks to its model, the Triunicie promotes a better democracy than those prevailing in West today. As for its universality, it leads especially harmonization at human right level.