A necessary finding

Humanity lives in an untidy world  : conflicts for independence or for access to democracy, senseless wars, all kinds of regimes, sham democracies, intolerances, injustices, a minority of very rich people and a majority of poor people. Unfortunately, this list might get extended. How many are really aware that this existing is absurd and that it ilooks like a huge jungle ?

People have to fight for obtaining social progress in this system. Human fulfillment has no place. It is even considered as a daunting challenge and as an ideal of perfection. However, perfection is unattainable. This way of thinking is also counterproductive. Because human fulfillment is not synonymous with perfection, although it may be improved. Man thus has to find way to make this evolutionary passage. Thanks to this aspiration, humanity will be freed from the schackles of animality. An indispensable necessity !

Centuries of hatred and violence everywhere tends to prove an inscription of animality in the human genome. Certainly, the mass media influences the minds and then persuade people that human nature is turned more toward evil than the good. I suppose many readers of this site will find utopian the imperative mentioned above. However, human being agrees with something very animalistic which is not genetic. His archaic behaviour stems from the « old man » in him, from humanity's ancestral memory called collective unconscious by C.G. Jung. He can overcome this subjugation with Love. He must come to a proper understanding of Love to that end. This opens the way to a beautiful universality.

I have faith that some women and men choose behaviour inspired by soul instead of bad tendencies of the ego. Those look forward certainly to society very different of the current one.

The balance of the world is threatened as well as the future of mankind. Capitalism ruins gradually human life and the planet. Without a greater awareness, the outcome of this system will be terrible and tragic for many peoples.

A new world does not come following the willingness of governments or present politicians, but thanks to that of peoples. A politico-economic model innovative in every way is necessary in order that change is not a simple reorganization of existing or an unfortunate patch-up.