The high principles of the Triunicie

The Triunicie differs from present or past models of society thanks to its concept. This one leads a radical change. Universal model of a new era, the , Triunicie thus allows man to move towards its true humanity.

The founding principle of the Triunicie, by the name of « triunitary principle », consists of three poles : Sociorealization, Science and Spiricience. Why these three poles ? Because they preside over all human activities. Their interplay balances besides forces and prevents the excesses or the drift of the system. Thanks to its security of tenure, this one offers citizens, on the other hand, that high values, enunciated by the Triunicie, will not be called into question.

This concept or « triunitary principle » establishes a new relationship between the State and its citizens, but also between the citizens themselves.

Now what about these three poles(1) in a succinct form. (The order in which they are presented does not indicate a hierarchy between them) :

Sociorealization relates to socio-politico-économic framework.

Science includes all the scientific and technical fields in the service of man, of living in general and environment.

Spiricience ensures respect for an ethic at all levels.

The Triunicie results in a worldwide change of mindset. As for its universality, it brings a different view of the world. Certainly, many peoples of the planet are waiting mainly an equitable and inclusive world.

Spiricience is an essential pole, given it is the guarantee of absolute ethics of the Triunicie. The spiritual dimension of Spiricience allows the Triunicie to work for improving the world politically, scientifically, economically, culturally and, even, religiously.

The Triunicie is a thought of Love. Human beings would not exist without this life energy that Love is. Whenever they will have a good understanding of Love, the move towards a beautiful brotherhood will not seem so idyllic or too idealistic.

The Triunicie promotes a responsible humanism. The substantial progress in all areas are directed towards human and social needs. As for those which are of a type scientific or technological, they care about human well-being, biodiversity and ecology.

Being concerned about moral order, the Triunicie provides an ethical and responsible nation. Within a secure, peaceful, brotherly society, the individuals feel full human beings.

There is no left behind in the « triunite » model (that is of the Triunicie), at the countries and persons levels.

The three poles of the « triunitary principle », as well as the other opposition forces, prohibits a personal interpretation of them. This prevents the existence of all sorts of regimes. Although every country can adapt the Triunicie to its cultural criteria, but with respect for the concept.

(1) These three poles are explained in the book about the theory of the Triunicie