The model of a new era

Without God, the concept of the Triunicie would not have happened.

In this site you will find out a completely new model of society. During a first reading, it will seem to you certainly utopian. I therefore invite you to deepen the foundation as well as the high values that it contains.

I am aware that my reference to God tends to relegate the Triunicie among chimera. As for me, I seem to be a bigot. But God is in no way an illusion. Are you one of those people who sees him like this, I urge you to give up your vanity. The human vanity is the cause of the worst evils and it keeps this world in an insane state.

It is urgent to prevent the advent of a big human catastrophe.

Yes, a great humanitarian danger is threatening to ruin the world because of the megalomania of leaders who have the power to move it into an apocalypse.

Injustice and inequality are now obvious. They will not stop until the model have changed.

So far, the governance systems have always favoured the formation of social strata classes and therefore, a gap between rich and poor. This situation is seen now as an inevitable fate. It therefore appears utopian to say that these divisions are regressive and that it is possible to build a more brotherly and egalitarian society.

The Triunicie is really this universal model which would allow the humanity to live finally in a world where present absurdities inhumanity would not exist anymore.

May God open your heart, awaken your spirit and instil in this one the will of a real and big change.

Missionné François